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Rolled deep fried flour tortilla stuffed with chicken and monterrey jack cheese

Ground Beef Taco Salad

Lettuce, pico de gallo, sour cream, Montero cheese, guacamole

Queso Flameado

Monterrey flameado cheese. Choice of chorizo or sliced poblano pepper

Shrimp Tostadas

Two tostadas, jumbo shrimp, cilantro, lime & pico deo gallo, sliced avocado on top

Daniela's Ensalada

Lettuce, fresh tomato, corn, cucumber, sliced avocado, queso fresco, topped with grilled shrimp, choice of dressing

Taco Salad: A Fresh Mexican Delight

Taco Salad: A Fresh Mexican Delight
Indulge in our zesty taco salad, a fiesta of flavors! Crisp lettuce, seasoned ground beef, tangy salsa, and creamy guacamole come together for a mouthwatering experience. Topped with crunchy tortilla strips and shredded cheese, it's a Tex-Mex delight. Savor the perfect blend of freshness and spice in every bite.

Convenient Mexican Food Delivery and Pickup Options

Convenient Mexican Food Delivery and Pickup Options
Craving authentic Mexican flavors? Enjoy our convenient delivery and pickup options for fresh taco salads, sizzling fajitas, and zesty enchiladas. Order online for a hassle-free experience and savor the best Mexican food in the comfort of your home.

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